A dance show called “Spring Night Mysteries” will take place at the Valka open-air stage

An ambitious concert will take place at the Valka open-air stage on 23th of May 2015 at. 21:00. Twenty-six Latvian Greatest dance groups will dance an ancient Tālava county “Spring Night Mysteries” about the hundreds of years saved family traditions and ancient spring practices of Valka.


Choreographer and artistic director Gunta M.Skuja, choreographers Taiga Ludboržs, Ieva Adāviča and Jānis Purviņš are the creative team of this dance performance. The stage presentation will be set by stage designer Ivars Noviks.


“Valka is a city with an ancient cultural traditions, and in the 19th century Jānis Cimze was the main reason why Latvians are a cultural nation now, who are his students and student students. Therefore it is only natural that we strive to be worthy of our history”, says Vents Armands Krauklis, chairman of Valka District Council. “A memorable Latvian and Estonian concert singing called “Cimzes code” was held this year. We want to create a unique and memorable dance performance next year, and we hope that cultural-lovers of all Latvia and Southern Estonia will come to watch it.”


The director and author of this idea Aivars Ikšelis reveals that, in a language of dance, the dance artists of the show will tell about love for their family, native home, work and ancient traditions. The main character of this performance will be a family from Vidzeme. It will be a story “how we spend Jurģi when the sunset arrives, and how we expect the sunrise together through the night mythological adventures, because after the sun rises, there will be the Great Valka market and the fun will start at the Flea pub” explains Aivars Ikšelis.


After seeing and living the “Spring Night Mysteries”, everyone will carried away for a moment in a world full of family life customary rituals. “It is important to understand and accept the ritual to fully enjoy it. If you understand it, then appears an internal belief that “everything changes for the better”. It is much easier to see the regularities in each event, to be flexible and indulge, indulge, indulge... ”- the author of the idea Aivars Ikšelis thus about this upcoming ambitious event.

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