A delicious spring adventure is approaching – the 17th Great charity border-market!

This year the Border Market will take place on May 11 and 12, bringing together traders from both Latvia and Estonia and from further countries. Attractions, entertainment and music will delight both small and big market visitors in two days.


During the sixth year of the border market there will be a competition for meat producers - 6th International Meat and Sausage Festival "Valka-Valga 2019". Eleven companies and domestic producers who respect and offer to buy their products have applied for this year's competition. The quality of sausage and drying will be judged by the jury. Winners will be nominated for the following nominations: The most delicious sausage and the most delicious drying. The products will be judged by the following criteria - taste, visual appearance, smell, and naturalness of the product.


For the fifth year at the Border Market on May 11, there will be a meat barbecue festival - Valka / Valga Barbecue Competition "Grill without Borders 2019", where individual participants or teams of 5 participants will compete in marinating and baking meat. It is possible to apply for participation in the competition by writing to e-mail sniedze.ragze@valka.lv, as well as by calling by phone  +371 26488684.



On May 12th, the event will continue and special concerts will be created for mothers day.

Charity lottery, wide cultural program, entertainment for children, umurcum, and other activities await border market visitors and participants on May 11 and 12 on both sides of the border - Valka and Valga!


This year, it is planned to use all the fees charged for the sales outlets for the approved purpose of decorating the cities of Valka and Valga. 


See you at the Great Charity Border Market!



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