For the first time a parade will take place in Valka / Valga City Festival

This year Valka and Valga City Festival will take place from 5 to 11 June. As usual, there will be various events, orchestra, children's activities, boat rally and other interesting events.


On Sunday, June 9, for the first time, a parade will be held together with Valga. Valka-Valga self-employed, policemen, firefighters, schools, city companies, associations, institutions, interest groups and collectives will be invited to the exhibition.


“A few years ago a joint parade of Latvian and Estonian firefighters took place and people liked it very much. That's why we have decided with Valga's colleagues to establish a new tradition - a joint Valka / Valga parade celebration.


We hope that  people and organizations will be responsive and think about interesting visual design. Sunday is the day of the parade, so everyone can participate. The parade will start at 12:00 from the Valka Culture House and further on to Valga. After the show, there will be a boat rally right away, so both the parade participants and the spectators would be interested in what to watch. Boat rally will also include SUP board boats, and here I also call for active participation in both boat rally and SUP board matches, ”says Vents Armands Krauklis, Chairman of Valka County Council.



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