Midsummer's festival at the Valka Open Air Stage on June 23rd

On 23rd June Summer Solstice Celebration will take place at the Valka Open Air Stage.

At 20.00 the festival opens by the performance of chapel "Valka vālē".

At 21.00 a concert by the band "Baritoni" will take place, but at 22.00 a ball will begin and feature performances by  "Baltie lāči", Elizabete Zagorska & MSO band and bands "S.E.K.S" and "Topeltmäng" from Estonia.

The event will feature a bonfire and buffets.
Entrance fee - 5 EUR.

For students, seniors (presenting certificates) and children entrance is free of charge.


Due to safety concerns it is forbidden to bring glass bottles into the event.

The event is supported by Valka Municipality Council and Valga Municipality Government, SIA "BAZALTS" and the grand sponsor - "Alko1000".

Photographs and video may be taken at the event.

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