Twin Cities Valga/Valka Festival 6th-11th June 2019

Thursday, 6th of June




10.00 Reception of the Head of Valga municipality Margus Lepik for best graduates and their teachers in Valga Culture and Hobby Center, Kesk Street 1. (Invitations only)


■ 18.00 The opening of Twin Cities Valga-Valka Festival and of the joint exhibition of the artists from Valga and Valka. The event takes place in Valga Cultural and Hobby Centre.


■ 19.00 Festive concert in Valga Cultural and Hobby Centre. Performances by the students and teachers from Valga Music School.




■ 19.00 Awarding the winners of „The Optimists“ running race in Valka House of Culture.


Friday, 7th of June




16.00 and 18.00 Valga Town Tours with a guide (in Estonian). Gathering in the Valga Museums yard. Registration via e-mail: priit@valgamuuseum.ee , phone number +372 766 8867.


17.00 JJ-Street youth zone "Summer Jam" at Valga Cultural and Hobby Centre. Dance competition "Summer Jam" in dance categories Hip-Hop, Break, Showcase. Free entrance for viewers, participation fee 5 €. Application until 01.06.2019. Registration link on the Valga Suvejämm Facebook event page.


18.00-20:00 JJ-Street Youth Zone BMX and Skateboarding Competition in Valga Extreme Sports Hall. Free entrance for viewers, participation fee 5 €. Application until 01.06.2019. Registration link on the Valga Suvejämm Facebook event page.


■ 19:00 “Eva Talsi and Villu Talsi Duo” concert in Valga's St. John Church. Entrance 6/4 €.


22:00 A dose of adrenaline “Greentrials – Extreme Bike Show” at the square next to pie Valga Central Library. 





22:30 Retro disco in pub "Voorimehe Pub". Entrance 5 €.



10:00 - 20:00 Inflatable attractions as well as cotton candy and other snacks at Lugaži Square.


17.00 Reception of the Head of Valga municipality Margus Lepik and the Chairman of Valka Municipality Council Vents Armands Krauklis in Valka City Culture House (Invitations only).


■ 21:00 - 01:00 A concert. Performance by Jānis Kalniņš from the group “Roja” (Latvia) and Mait and Mikko Maltis (Estonia) in the big tent in Lugaži Square. There will be a buffet. Entrance free.


Sunday, 8th of June




■ 8:00 - 16:00 Livonia Fair in the center of Valga. The fair has become a popular annual event with its cultural program, shopping opportunities, lottery and various attractions for children, and much more. A rich program of activities for all ages and interest groups.


10:30 - 14:30 Cultural program in front of Valga Culture and Interest Center


10.30-11.00 Valkas City Culture House folklore dance group   “Sudmaliņas”

11.00-11.30 Mixed folk dance group “Rukkilill”

11.30-12.00 Valka music school's ansamble of kokle players

12.00-12.30 Song and dance ensemble “Oduvantšiki” un Kerli dance group.

12.30-13.00 Valga studio “Joy”

13.00-13.30 “Bordertown Big Band”

13.30-14.00 Fashion dance group “Aija”, European dance group “Oravakes” and dance group“Shammasa”

14.00-14.30 Mixed folk dance group “Pilleriin” and Valga primary school children group “Kurekell”

11:00 un 13:00 Guided tour in Valga Museum's exhibition (in Estonian). Registration via e-mail: priit@valgamuuseum.ee , phone number +372 766 8867.

12:00 Airsoft Game in Tambre Health Trail. Airsoft is a tactical adrenaline rush filled wargame with special weapons. It imitates real combat situations, both from an indiviudal soldier and from all group's viewpoint.


Instructions / Child parent permission sheet:


Registration: https://forms.gle/gwG2AN56GYzV2D1p7

Participation fee: 5 € per person


■ 13:30 - 03:00 Graduate celebration of Valga Gymnasium's 100th anniversary.


■ 22:30 Retro disco in pub “Voorimehe Pubi". Enterance fee 5€



■ 12:00 “Prāta Spēles” ("Brain Games") Latvian Cup in Valka City Culture House. "Brain Games" is an entertaining erudition game tournament that invites anyone interested to form a team of four to six people. Membership free of charge. Sign up today www.prataspeles.lv


■ 11:00 - 19:00 “Kids Wonderland”  festival for children and families at the Valka Open-Air Stage. For large families - special price. Jubilee entrance free of charge (must be accompanied by a document). Tickets - online at www.ticketpoint.lv and on the day of the event. Details- http://kidswonderland.lv/


22:00 Disco Green Ball at Valka Open-Air Stage. Entrance free.


Sunday, 9th of June




■ 11:00 Beach wrestling in Valga, in the Pedelle River Recreational Area, near Ramsi Bridge.

13:00 Boat Rally on the River Pedele. Start and finish in the 1st dam area near the old mill. Traditionally, all city inhabitants and guests who are at least 14 years old are welcome to participate. Both physical fitness and creative approach to the costumes and watercraft produced will be assessed. Race track - through both countries.


■ 14.00 SUP Polo Valga-Valka Championship in Valga, Pedelle River Recreation Area, near Ramsi Bridge. With these competitions in Valga, SUP rowing boards are promoted. It's a team tournament. A list of athletes is required to demonstrate swimming skills. Everything necessary for the competition (field, rowing boards, paddles, safety vests, ball) from the organizers. Apply meelis@valgasport.ee on the site 30 minutes before the start of the competition.


■ 16:00 Concert of “Orthodox Singers” ensemble at Hargla Church. Entrance for free.


■ 17:00 Valga / Valka bicycle orienteering. 

Regulations (ENG)


Participation fee 2€.


18:00  Birthday concert in Valga St. John's Church, celebrating the 435th birthday of Valga and Valka. The honorary citizen of the city will be awarded.

Performs: ensemble “Spiréa”, mixed choir “Rõõm” men's ensemble, Valga Gymnasium Youth Choir “Ehe”, Valga Chamber Choir, Valga Music School Instrumentalists.

The donations will be used for the renovation of Valga St. John's Church.



■ 11:00 aligning for the festive parade on Beverinas street at the city council.


 ■ 12:00 festive parade from the Valka City Culture House along the streets of Beverinas - Rigas - Estonian Border - Raja - Sepa - Kesk - Riia - to the square near the river Pedele. Citizens of both cities, businesses, institutions, schools, kindergartens, non-profit organizations, amateur collectives and participants expected; machinery (municipal, police, rescue).


18:00 Concert “Es šonakt būšu laimīgs” ("I Will be Happy Tonight") in Valka City Culture House (at the piano N. Jakušonoks and U. Marhilēvičs, led by Baiba Sipeniece - Gavare). Tickets - Valka City Culture House, "Biļešu paradīze" ticket offices and www.bilesuparadize.lv


Monday, 10th of June



■ plkst. 17:00 Ping Pong Tournament in Valga Central Square.

No membership fees


Tuesday, 11th of June - The 435th anniversary of Valka/Valga



 ■ 11:00 Valka and Valga's kindergartens children go to Valga Central Square for a festive walk from Valga Culture and Interest Center. The children will plant the self-made flowers in the flowerbed of friendship and celebrations. Warm-hearted concert and then enjoyment of a festive cake.

■ 17:00 - 18:45 OPEN STAGE in Valga Central Square. The Open Stage is for all musicians, recitationists or others who can offer something interesting on the stage. Contact us and agree on speaking time. Kaja Sisask, tel. +372 766 9974, +272 5349 4175 kaja@valgakultuurikeskus.ee

17.00 - 18.45 Fifth hour's tea with municipal leaders in Valga Central Square.

19:00 Closing of the festival. Livonian Youth Orchestra concert in Valga Cultural and Interest Center. Entrance free.

■ 21:00 Celebrating the anniversary with Anne Veski in Valga Central Square. Entrance free.




■ 08.-06.-20.08. A joint exhibition of Valga and Valka artists at the Valga Cultural and Interest Center.

■ Foundation "The Permanent Exposition of Valga's Patriotic Upbringing" (Valga military park) open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. It is a peculiar military museum which promotes civic education, national defense and internal security thematic.

■ Valga Museum Open: Tue-Fri from 11:00 to 18:00, Sat from 10:00 to 15:00, Sunday and Monday for groups starting from 25 persons upon prior request.

■ Valga St. John's Church opened: Thu, Fri from 12:00 to 16:00, Sat from 11:00-16:00, Sun from 9:30 to 13:00.

The church was built in 1816. Built in a mixed Baroque and early Classicism style, light-filled and with an oval base plan (architect Christians Haberlands), located in the heart of Valga. The interior is dominated by a high altar wall in the early classicism style with paintings. The organ produced by Friedrich Ladegast is unique (1867).


■ Painting exhibition "Garden and Country Flowers" - works by painters Judīte Liepiņa (Latvia) and Viive Piir (Estonia) in Valka City Culture House.

In Valka Local History Museum

Exhibition "Evidence of World War II". The exhibition features objects from Valka Local History Museum, Valga Military Theme Park Museum, Valga Museum and private collections. The exhibition is complemented by the traveling exhibition of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia “On the opposite sides: Latvian soldiers in World War II”.

"Valka - The Cradle of Latvia's Independence"

The story of public political events in Valka from 1914 to 1920, when Latvians, in 1918, fulfilled the dream of their own country. Particular emphasis was placed on the preparation of the Latvian state organization and the formation of the North Latvian Brigade in Valka.

Permanent Exhibition "Science of People's Life"

Museum's collection of ethnography exhibition. The tools and household items used in the early 19th and early 20th centuries exhibited. A single-deck boat dating from the late 15th - early 16th century found in Niedrāja lake in Launkalne can be seen.

Animated short film "The Place where the Country Starts"
The film is about the division of Valka in 1920. The film has translations into Estonian and English.


Work hours:

Valka museum open: Tue-Fri from 11:00 to 18:00; Sat, Sun from 10:00 to 16:00.


Enterance fee:

For the whole museum: 1.50 EUR

Students, pensioners: 0.60 EUR

Separately at the exposition or exhibition only: 0.75 EUR

Students, pensioners: 0.30 EUR


Additional information: Phone +371 64722198 or e-mail: muzejs@valka.lv

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