The Agreement between I’billin and Valka

The Memorandum of Agreement between the city of I’billin and Valka Municipality Council is being concluded on 26th July in Valka.


The purpose of this Agreement is to develop cooperation and to make closer contacts. Valka Municipality and I’billin plan to cooperate in different areas: education, sport, culture, tourism, economy and others. The exchange of information about cultural events is planned, as well as, the organisation of sport competition, participating in the international theatre festival and organisation of cultural events and the performances of the amateur groups, the exchange of the cultural collectives. As one of the areas of cooperation points is youth, the exchange visits of students and youth and the seminars are planned. The Future School – using the digital technology for educators will take place during the period of cooperation.


The nearest event is the intensive football practice week-camp “I’billin – Valka”. It is starting on Saturday, 26thJuly.

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