The twin town ValgaValka takes joint steps to introduce the region


With the support of the Estonia-Latvia program, the city centre of the Valga-Valka twin town is being developed. The main goal is to create an attractive and human-friendly solution for the common public space of the Valga-Valka twin town center, including the pedestrian street. As a result of the project, Valga-Valka residents and visitors have a cosy and unique public space that can be used daily and will be used for various cross-border events such as the Valga-Valka border market.


There will be made a lot of construction works, for example: it is planned to build a pedestrian bridge on Konnaoja / Varžupīte. Valka Central Square will be established with a stage for conducting events and a children's playground. There will be built walking ways for pedestrians in next to Konnaoja/ Varžupite creek, which will connect the Valka Central Square to the Pedele recreation area, there will be created pedestrian street to Raina / Sõpruse Street, which will connect the twin town centers.


In order to support cross-border activities and make the twin town more coherent, it is planned to organize various events, participate in events and create new common information channels. In addition to the physical changes in the urban space, the Valga-Valka twin centre development project places great emphasis on introducing the ValgaValka region to the general public. Through various activities and events, ValgaValka wishes to attract both local residents and tourists to the renewed city heart, increase the active use of the area, which also leads to increased demand for different services, which can offer good opportunities for potential investors and thus ensure a lasting development of the twin town city centre.


The budget for marketing activities is estimated at 60,000 eur, of which around 51,000 eur is supported by the Estonian-Latvian program. In order to achieve the set goals, it is necessary to cooperate with different organizations and companies. As one of the first major activities, Valga Municipality has signed a cooperation agreement with the Latvian company SIA Bumbierkoks to create a new joint ValgaValka website. The purpose of the website is to introduce the twin town possibilities to residents as well as tourists and to potential investors. The website provides information on various tourist destinations and attractions, public events and leisure facilities, catering and accommodation, etc. The new website will be ready in June. In addition to the new website, Valga and Valka municipalities have created a joint social media account to Facebook: Visit ValgaValka and Instagram: Visit ValgaValka, where information on activities in the region will be added daily. It is a good idea to track Visit ValgaValka accounts, as it is the place where you can find the region's updated information and events in the easiest way.



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