Signing the subsidy contract of project „Valga – Valka Twin Town Centre Development“



The main objective of the Project is to improve physical connectivity and create new joint and integrated cross-border urban area in the Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre. As a result of the Project  Valga-Valka will be promoted  as a joint town, integration of communities across the borders will be encouraged and  there will be increased visibility of the developed Twin Town Centre among inhabitants, tourists and entrepreneurs.


Preparations of the Project „Valga Valka Twin Town Development“ started in 2016 as the International architectural contest was announced to find most attractive solution for the twin town centre. The contest winner was project named „Cross border strands“ by the Spanish company in Project Studio Barcelona S.C.P presented by Jordi Safont-Tria.


Valka Municipality Council as Lead Partner of the Project and Estonian Ministry of Finance as a ESTLAT program managing authority signed INTERREG Estonian-Latvian Cross border cooperation program 2014-2020 financing agreement for the Project „Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre Development (rr. Est-Lat 51)“. Total cost for the Project is approximately 3,5 mln €, European Regional Development Fund will finance 85% from INTERREG Estonian-Latvian program. Project will be executed by  Valga Town Government and Valka Municipality Council. Project budget of Valka is 1,78 mln € and Valga has a budget of 1,7 mln €, Valga Town Government self-contribution is 262 713 €. 


In Valga Town Hall on the 15th of November 2017 took a place meeting between partners, designers, and architect. During the meeting designers and architects gave an overview about the design process, design elements and design. Building design will be finalized by the end of the year and preparations for the construction works will follow after that.



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