Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre Development



On Friday, September 14, 2018 representatives of the Valga Municipality Government and the Valka Municipality together with the staff of the both cities tourism information centre had a meeting in the Valga Railway Station to discuss together the issues related to the development project of the Valga-Valka Twin Town Centre. The main topics of the meeting were the completion of the construction project and the marketing activities of the city centre.


The purpose of Valga-Valka Twin Town City Centre is to renew and develop a common public space, covering both the city centre area and the pedestrian street in the cities of Valga-Valka. The goal is to create a cosy and unique public space for the city's residents and visitors. The cost of the project is approximately 3.5 million, of which 3 million (85%) of the Estonian-Latvian program.


The completion of the construction project of the two-city centre of Valga-Valka has reached the final stage. The implementation of the project has been delayed due to the obstacles encountered in the design work process. The main obstacle has been the creation of a joint construction project for the city space that would meet the standards set by both countries. Despite the problems encountered, representatives of both the Valga Municipality Government and Valka Municipality hope and believe that the construction work can begin already in the spring.


Valga Municipality leading specialist of the foreign projects Lea Vutt and communication manager Põim Kama presented their initial ideas to the representatives of Valka municipality and employees of the tourist information centres, how to market the centre area better and make this more attractive to the visitors.


One activity regarding the project is creating a both cities common website, which is aimed at joint tourists in the Valga and Valka regions. The initial task of this website is being completed. The mobile-friendly, interactive map-based web environment brings together Valga and Valka events, catering, accommodation and sightseeing.


It was also discussed the project area and, more generally, the twin city brand. The Valga / Valka trademark which is long used was found to need to be reviewed. Considering the renewal of existing brand or replacing it with the city's historic Walk, it was decided to convene a joint meeting of both municipal councils on 22th of October 2018 to decide regarding this topic. It was emphasized that the marketing activities of the project cannot proceed until the decision on the use of the brand has been taken.



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