Started the competition for 99 km distance of ultramarathon "Impossible run"


This morning, on November 12 at 6:00 p.m.  near the Valga City Council (Kesk tänav 11) was given start for unprecedented event in the history of twin towns Valka and Valga - 99 km race in honor of created in 1917th the Latvian Provisional National Council in Valka (Latvia). At this long distance participates 26 runners: 22 from Latvia, 3 from Estonia and one from Russia. 3 runners are represented Valka in this ultramarathon.


The competition aim is to develop long-distance running tradition in Valka District and Valga County. Anyone has been invited to participate in this run – to run on honor of Latvian centenary.


Today in Valka in 99 km distance is partisipating a well-known runner from Ogre - Valdis Nilovs, who at last years was the best of the latvians at legendary Spartatlon distance (246 km) in Greece.


A popular runner from Valka Pēteris Cābulis also is partisipating in runnig 99 km distance on honor of Latvian centenary.


Pēteris was twice participated at Spartatlon in Greece. Today again he is well prepared runner - during the season beating six marathons and some ultramarathon series, participated at 107 km competiton “Rīga-Valmiera”,  53 km long “Baltic Naked feet” ultramarathon, and others.


Later, the other runners will compete at the shorter distances: at 9:00 p.m will be given the start for 49.5 km race, at 10:00 - start for the 24.75 km, at 10:30 start for 9.9 km distance runners and at 11:00 start will be given for 990 m distance. Valka Municipality invites everyone who has patriotic feelings, to run or to enjoy in walk this symbolic 990 m distance, which is without previous registration, without fees and will be carried out without time control. Each participant will also receive a special event badge for memory.


The event is supported by: Valka District Council, Valga City Council, "Valga sport", the association "Support Valka", SIA "Vidzemes TV", SIA "Valdis", SIA "Mego", "Cramo Estonia AS", "Latvian Nordic prize."

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