The Valka Local History Museum is involved in the project “Tourist Stamp”


Tourist Stamp is a numbered wooden souvenir plague that depicts a place of tourism, culture or nature heritage: towns, museums, architectural monuments, nature reserves, famous mountain peaks, sea resorts, churches and other sightseeing attractions. Tourist Stamp is unique because it can be obtained only after visiting a certain place or object.

Collection of Tourist Stamps invites their owner to take part in the Collectors Game.

You can learn more about Tourist Stamp and Collectors Game here: http://www.turista-marka.lv/


The price of Tourist Stamp in Latvia is 2.00 €.


It is a new way of collecting things and it has become very popular in Europe. You can plan you trip so that you can get several Tourist Stamps that are not only souvenirs, but also nice memories from your trip and additional motivation to visit our country.


The first Tourism Stamps appeared in the Czech Republic in 1997, but in the beginning of 2016, Tourism Stampwas spread throughout more than 20 countries in the world – now it is available also in Latvia. Tourism Stampis gradually expanding and new interesting objects keep coming in.


Collectors Game of Tourist Stamp can turn into an exciting way of travelling and a hobby that unites the family.


Information was compiled by Ligita Drubiņa,

Manager of Educational Work and Customer Service

Valka Local History Museum

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