We invite all interested persons to apply for the ultramarathoon "Impossible run"

On November 12, everyone active lifestyle’s follower is invited to run or to go 99 km, 49.5 km, 24.75 km, 9.9 km and 990 m race in honor of created in 1917th the Latvian Provisional National Council in Valka (Latvia).


The competiton will starts at Valga (Estonia) near the City Council. Finish will be at the Latvian side - at Valka Culture House.


We need the interested persons (volunteer’s) support, to gain success in this event! Anyone interested - young or adult, who is ready to help with the equipment inspection, transportation, assistance, food and tea preparation, to help on finish Secretariat, to ensure the safety distance, to help the judges, photography, are welcome to apply. Also we invite those who are ready to get involved with the own transport – to take and to bring volunteers to the track, to deliver the food to supply points, etc.


Electronically fill in the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12SVi7jgMQYaD6i3nHAHWlNIXAx4TepY3PtR5fUOmfN0/viewform


Get experience in organizing mass events!


The information was prepared by Kristīne Krastina, Head of Valka Municipality Council’s Sports and Youth Department.


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