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Valka municipality is one of 36 administrative municipalities of the Republic of Latvia and was created on 1 July 2009. The county area is 906,8 km ².

Geographically Valka municipality is located in Latvia's north-east, historic Vidzeme region. The municipality is composed of Valka City and the municipalities of Earl, Karks, Valka, Vijciema and Sawtava. . The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Valka.

The county borders the Republic of Estonia, the municipalities of Smiltene and Valmiera. . The border of Valka county with the Republic of Estonia is around 75 km, of which approximately a third is along the Gauja River.

Valka municipality is located 170 km from the capital of the Republic of Latvia, Riga, 50 km from the development centre of national importance, Valmiera, borders the Estonian city of Valga and is located 90 km from Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia.

The country is crossed by the main road A3 (E264) Riga – Tartu, the country's regional road Valka – Smiltene, Valka – Rudza, Valka – Vireši, railway Riga – Tallinn, which promotes the reach of Valka municipalities and other areas.

A large part of the area of the Valka municipality is included in the North Waze Biosphere Reserve and the protected landscape area “North gauja” (NATURA 2000).

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Valkas novads

Forests (58.57%) and agricultural land (39.05%) cover the majority of the municipal area. Other uses of land cover relatively small areas – building land (1.46%), land under water (0.69%), mineral mining sites (0.24%).